Hospice care is generally covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal and/or private insurance. However, at times there are expenses that are above and beyond standard care and expenses. Your generous gift to CareCHOICES helps us continue to provide care for patients and families that is above and beyond necessities. When you give to CareCHOICES, you enable us to:

  • provide for needs that fall outside of typical hospice care
  • continue educating families on the benefits and availability of hospice
  • create lasting momentos such as family photos, memory books, and our HeartFelt Memory Pillows and Teddy Bears
  • continue providing on-going support and comfort through bereavement services and projects

Your kind and thoughtful donation goes directly to providing above and beyond needs … excellence in every encounter.

Your check can be made out to CareCHOICES and write Donation in memo field  send to:

5 Corporate Park, Suite 100
Irvine, California 92606

For more information:
Phone: 949.777.8600
Fax: 949.777.8601

Toll-Free: 888.368.6869